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Significant environmental challenges have been created by pressures on land use, air and soil quality, water and food security, and biodiversity.

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Our Digital Assets Catalogue provides access to datasets & data products across biodiversity, land, air, pollution, soil & water in the UK

The UK Status, Change and Projections of the Environment (UK-SCAPE) programme is the UK monitoring programme for terrestrial and freshwater science. It provides national-scale data and models designed to deliver new integrated understanding of the environment to tackle those changes. It improves our understanding of the consequences of interventions in the UK landscape and allow researchers to answer high-level questions relating to the environment. 

UK-SCAPE comprises over twenty projects and two research programmes, each addressing its own science questions and providing fundamental research and outputs for the wider community.

UK-SCAPE is providing national-scale data and models that:

  • Enhance and integrate data on air, soil, biodiversity, and water
  • Improve our understanding of the consequences of interventions in the UK landscape
  • Help us to protect and enhance the environment while supporting economic growth.

Linking across all UK-SCAPE work packages, we have created a data platform providing open access to scientific evidence, models and observational data through a Data Science Framework.

Access UK-SCAPE data and other digital resources through our Digital Assets Catalogue.

The UK-SCAPE programme started in 2018 and is funded by the Natural Environment Research Council as National Capability (award number NE/R016429/1).

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