Virtual Survey Lab

Science challenge

The ability to efficiently access and analyse datasets from many sources is essential to gain an holistic understanding of environmental processes and change. The Virtual Survey Lab supports environmental research by bringing together data collected both within the UK-SCAPE programme and by external partners.


  • To develop the components of a Data Science Framework (DSF) required to produce integrated data products utilising the data collected within the UK-SCAPE program and from external sources.
  • To develop statistical routines to analyse data across different spatial and temporal scales and from different sources to produce a series of highly resolved spatio-temporal data products.
  • To make these products discoverable and accessible to the wider scientific community  and prioritised to address questions and fill gaps in other areas of the UK-SCAPE programme.
  • To test the efficiency of ongoing monitoring and, in the context of answering specific questions, highlight where we should direct monitoring campaigns and prioritise effort.
  • To provide a platform for the integration of monitoring data provided by a range of partners from across terrestrial, atmospheric and freshwater habitats.

Methodological Developments

Survey Design

Data Quality Assurance (QA)

Analysis Methods

Spatial Upscaling


Application programming interface

Data exploration portals

Data exploration and analysis

Data integration examples

Project Lead: Pete Henrys