UK-SCAPE engagement billboard

Community engagement is an important activity in all the UK-SCAPE work packages. We seek to understand the needs of those using UK-SCAPE data, data products and knowledge, while enhancing collaboration in the community. Our target community is broad, spanning people working in many areas, including: environmental policy development and implementation, research, monitoring  and compliance, data management and education. The figure shows some of the key organisations and sectors with whom we seek to engage.

UK-SCAPE sphere of influence infographic
Spheres of control, influence and interest of national and international stakeholders across the policy-science-practise-society continuum relevant to UK-SCAPE


Our approach to engaging with people involves three pillars: co-design, co-delivery and co-development.

Co-Design: Ensuring UK-SCAPE outcomes are fit for purpose to support the science base for:

  • The research community
  • Research funders
  • Policy makers
  • Governments
  • International initiatives.

Co-Delivery: Working with partners to deliver more than we could alone:

Co-Development: Maximising opportunities to build on UK-SCAPE science:

Community engagement activities

Many UK-SCAPE activities are long-term and have a proud history of community engagement beginning prior to the UK-SCAPE programme. In these pages we report those activities specifically funded by UK-SCAPE.

Project lead - Jan Dick