Freely available datasets and data products across biodiversity, land, air, pollution, soil and water in the UK

The UK-SCAPE Digital Assets Catalogue (UK-SCAPE DAC) is a free resource for researchers. It provides information about and access to the datasets, data papers, models and other data products generated by the UK-SCAPE programme. It includes outputs that are already complete and available (e.g. published in a NERC data centre), as well as those still in production and expected to be generated within the remainder of the programme.

All projects within the UK-SCAPE programme have contributed to the catalogue. Each item is presented as a standalone record displaying metadata to describe the content, in a very similar way to the metadata records for the datasets in the Environmental Information Data Centre (EIDC). Information on where to locate/download the resource, or when it is expected to become available is also included. The majority of data products are available for download on an open government license.

How to use

Search bar

You can type in keywords for the resource you are after - this will search the titles, descriptions and keywords of records in the catalogue.

Map Search

You can apply a spatial filter to an interactive map of the U.K. to filter datasets by their geographical coverage. To use this feature click on "Map Search" on the bottom left

Menu options/filters

Click on one or more options in the left-hand menu to filter results based on different categories/keywords:

Further Information

  • This resource is dynamic. The status of content will change over time as work progresses and items move from “planned”, “in progress” to “complete”
  • The range of items may increase as new products are identified and added. The UK-SCAPE Digital Assets Catalogue will be reviewed bi-monthly
  • Where provided, publication or release dates are subject to change. Questions on the product and its status should be directed to the contact listed on the record 

General enquiries and feedback should be directed to the UK-SCAPE Programme Office