Why do we need national-scale environmental data and models?

Because they provide essential evidence to help us understand how and why the environment is changing and improve our ability to manage environmental change.

UK-SCAPE is providing national-scale data and models that:

  • Enhance and integrate data on air, soil, biodiversity, and water.
  • Improve our understanding of the consequences of interventions in the UK landscape.
  • Help us to protect and enhance the environment while supporting economic growth.

Linking across all UK-SCAPE work packages, we will create a truly innovative data platform providing open access to scientific evidence, models and observational data through a Data Science Framework. This will allow the UK environmental research community to combine and explore future scenario projections within new Virtual Data Labs. We will develop the framework using scientific case studies across air and water which will answer specific science questions.

Our approach will ensure that data, information and forecasting capabilities are accessible, timely and efficient.