Soil samplingNew measurements exploiting UKCEH’s unique resources

  • Long term national soil survey locations with known land use change and soil properties
  • Network of transition sites working closely with a range of national partners (Forest Research; Aberdeen; JHI, etc.)
  • Long term experiments (UKCEH and external partners).

Measurements to 1m depth

  • A range of soil biological, physical and chemical measurements
  • Linked vegetation characteristics (e.g. Net Primary Productivity and rooting traits).

Next generation of experiments and tools

  • Isotopes, drones, earth observation.

Opportunities for wider community

  • Potential for shared, co-located soil and vegetation studies to improve understanding in areas with poor consensus (e.g. below-ground carbon allocation, soil community impacts)
  • Soil and vegetation data from SOC-D research sites and the UK-SCAPE soil monitoring network
  • Access to UKCEH Soil Archive resources.