Living dynamic soil

SOC formation, distribution, persistence

  • Understand spatial patterns of plant primary production in the UK
  • Capture nationally relevant soil microbial taxa and genes which impact on SOC formation and persistence
  • Recognise that plant roots contribute more to SOC formation than leaf litter
  • Include two distinct phases of ‘persistent’ SOC with finite (mineral-associated) and unlimited (particulate) capacities
  • Include two dynamic soil zones (upper plant dominated and lower mineral-matrix dominated) that vary with land cover and management
  • Capture interactions and feedbacks of biotic (microbes, mesofauna, mycorrhiza) and abiotic (texture, structure, hydraulics) components of soil and their impacts on SOC formation, distribution and persistence.

Opportunities for wider community

  • Workshops on dynamics of SOC in UK systems
  • Community of practice for SOC modelling, sharing resources through the UK-SCAPE Virtual Data Labs
  • Access to UKCEH models and integrated data products through the UK-SCAPE Data Science Framework.